Homefront to Storefront, meeting your needs

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Homefront to Storefront, meeting your needs

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Homefront to Storefront, meeting your needs

From what we stock to our community and family-oriented atmosphere, Glenburnie Grocery has been deeply influenced by the ever evolving needs of the Rickards family, both children and adults, throughout the years.

I am not a business entrepreneur but as the wife of Glenburnie Grocery's Head Honcho, I am an avid and regular Glenburnie Grocery consumer. Through our family's growth, and all the bumps and taste preferences along the way, I have turned to the store and looked to it to meet our family's ever changing needs and expectations.

I am not sure who was more excited when our boys, then toddlers, found durable, metal mini-carts, at a toy store, and were pushing them throughout the store, greatly decreasing my need to rush the shopping trip.  From that point on these child-sized, and child-proof, versions of the original have been at Glenburnie Grocery making shopping easier for all.

Recently a family member was diagnosed with gluten-sensitivities and I found myself on the hunt for a greater number of gluten-free or gluten-reduced products that would be happily received by the whole family, young and old.  I wanted to cut out gluten without compromising on taste.  I can now confidently say I've found a hamburger bun that pleases all at play-dates, and is now consistently stocked at Glenburnie Grocery.  

As you can see, Glenburnie Grocery has grown due to the expectations our family has placed upon it, we would like the store to continue to grow and become better by meeting the needs of your family too.  

Please let us know if there is a product we should stock, a local supplier we should approach, or a store service that would enrich your Glenburnie Grocery experience. Together we will continue to thrive, bumps and all!

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