Some great dinner tips from Glenburnie Grocery!

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Some great dinner tips from Glenburnie Grocery!

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Some great dinner tips from Glenburnie Grocery!

We have all agonized over what to serve for dinner, and the energy to make it, here are some great yet simple tips from all of us, to all of you!

* Children tend to prefer raw vegetables versus cooked ones, so ap-peas them with some fresh Millcreek Farm peas, especially as these seasonal treats may not be in supply much longer.  They are like candy but healthy, your kids will devour them quickly.

* A store roasted chicken will always do in a pinch, mix it up by using it to make chicken nachos or a super fast stir fry.

* To avoid turning on the oven in summertime, yet offer sides other then salads, treat yourselves to some of our wonderful, locally made dishes that can be cooked on a stove top, such as Barb's Handmade Perogi's or Pasta Travola's ravioli.  

* When a large, hungry group arrives for a visit an amazingly tasty yet economical solution is to serve a Glenburnie Steamboat steak.  These round steaks are tenderized and seasoned to perfection, just sear on the BBQ 5 minutes per side on high, then cook on medium/low for 20-25 minutes per side.  Let stand for 10 minutes and then carve on an angle and serve.  

* Ever heard of breakfast for supper, why not lunch for supper?  Our store Deli features store cooked beef and pork roasts as well as turkey for a premium sandwich meat.  Serve it on Pancancho specialty breads or baguette for an additional treat.

* Check out the refrigeration bunker in front of our meat department!  It is regularly stocked with products on sale and may just give you the inspiration you need!

* Mix up the traditional by serving one of Patchwork Gardens, Foreman farms or Freedom farms delicious and flavourful salad mixes, or BBQing a less common main such as a lamb or bison burger.

* With our wide variety of artisanal cheeses we challenge you to create the best grilled cheese ever!  

* No fish story, you truly caught a beauty, fry it up in Sonset Farms organic Spelt flour, the taste is second to none.

* Lastly, we recommend having on hand, an easy, non perishable, yet yummy munchie in case after dinner company stops by or an unexpected movie night develops, a can of seasoned nuts from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, or Mike Mundell's chips are quite the treat.  

So visit Glenburnie Grocery soon and let us help you end your busy day well - with the perfect meal!

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