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Glenburnie Grocery is located in Glenburnie Ontario at the crossroads of Unity Road and Perth Road known formerly as 'Shannon's Corners'. Through its history, the location has always been a hub of community and business activity, and continues to have the same family roots.

Arliss Rickards can attest that when she married Herb and became mother to 3 young children, she never imagined they would later be balancing the demands of family and running their own business, just as her ancestors had.

If you ask her today, she'll smile and tell you she would not have had it any other way.

Putting Down Roots: Our Story

In 1967 Herb Rickards left his secure job as a surveyor with the Ministry of Transportation to pursue an entrepreneurial dream and opened Glenburnie Grocery.

He and his wife Arliss worked side by side to build the business and as their 3 children, Andrea, Mark and Lisa, were 5, 4, and 3 years old at the time, they grew up working at the store among community members and friends.  

Growing & Thriving

When Mark was 28 years old he purchased the store from his parents with a plan to continue to further it's community roots. 

Since that time he has expanded 3 times turning Glenburnie Grocery into a full scale competitive marketplace that features locally sourced, quality products and can boast the fine wares of it's own bakery and butcher shop. 

All the while, he has preserved Glenburnie Grocery's tradition of 'good old fashioned country service'; staff carry out your groceries, and the morning coffee drinkers still convene and chat.

It is Mark's uncompromising business values, to good service and good quality local products and relationships, that has cemented Glenburnie Grocery's place in the community.

Our reputation precedes us, but we promise, we can live up to it!

Glenburnie Grocery - Celebrating 50 Years!

Glenburnie Grocery is proud to be celebrating 50 years' serving the Glenburnie and Kingston communities.

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Fresh produce. Local meats. Artisan cheese. We have it all.

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